Tuesday, June 21, 2005

If it ain't borked...

The Battlefield 2 demo is a strange portent. The core gameplay is marvelously, gloriously, refreshingly untouched. After configuring your controls with the maddeningly annoying (and also untouched - grrrr) Battlefield interface (don't forget to hit "apply" or you'll waste precious minutes of your life!), as soon as you get in, choose your class, and your spawn point, it's like being home again. No trying to figure out new controls, or run speeds, or anything...it all feels like classic BF. Which is terrific.

DICE also seem to have retained the ever-charming aspect of Battlefield called "I fucking die a lot from assholes in planes" which is what turned me off from the Desert Combat mod and ultimately had me wander elsewhere in search of FPS goodness. Haters will just say, "aww, it's cuz you suck" and that may be true (I am man enough to admit that I am not the 1337357 FPS player in the universe. There are plenty of guys in the cubicles next to me who regularly kick my ass.) but there is a unique feeling of frustration loading up a game for the first time and getting killed six or seven times in a row by cluster bombs artfully deposited into your face by some otaku in the Su-34. Anyway.

Battlefield 2's chief contribution to the world of large-scale-but-not- massively-multiplayer (If I make that into an acronym, it is LSBNMMO, which reads like "Lesbian MMO." I can only imagine a Lesbian MMO would involve a lot of Home Depot trips in Subaru Foresters...) games is it's command and control interface. The system for applying for commander, the ease with which you can join a squad or create your own squad, all of that is awesome. The commander's panel is sublime and wonderful, although it is not without its faults. I love being the commander almost as much as I love being Special Forces.

BF2 will have lasting appeal for a lot of people, and I can't wait to see the other maps. The dynamic scaling of the map based on client limit is also a nice touch.


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